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Global Momenta has offices in NYC & upstate NY, serving global clients. We welcome your inquiries. Please contact:


Our vision is the emergence of a global network of leaders who optimize their social investments by expecting and engaging more with high-impact philanthropy, strategic partnerships, and social enterprise.


Our mission is to help clients be more effective achieving social change with their financial, professional, and social resources. To do this, we mobilize leaders with capacity and commitment to foster a more vibrant, just, and sustainable world.

philanthropy & social impact strategies

Global Momenta helps clients optimize impact with philanthropy, social investments, partnerships and leadership. We develop and manage impact portfolios, create multi-stakeholder partnerships, and assess social enterprise accountability to maximize results.

Global Momenta guides, supports and celebrates the achievements of clients as global catalysts who make a difference in the world through targeted social action. We galvanize private initiatives, individuals and resources to build on the momenta for global justice, peace, and environmental integrity. Drawing on decades of experience in philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, international human rights and sustainable development, we mobilize emerging and established leaders to "be the change" you want to see in the world, and to envision the change you want to embrace.

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